Case Studies

Experience across all States and Territories

Our case studies highlight the expertise and experience Spinifex calls upon in order to bring about outstanding outcomes.

  • Alpha Coal Mine and Hancock Coal Project

    Alpha Coal Mine and Hancock Coal Project

    A major project of significance, the Hancock Coal Project, including 500km of rail and port development was commenced in…

  • Powerlink CHMP Development Campaign

    Powerlink CHMP Development Campaign

    Spinifex has significant previous experience in linear infrastructure agreement making and on-ground surveys.

  • Wandoan Coal Project

    Wandoan Coal Project

    The Wandoan Coal project and associated Surat Basin Alignment (200km rail) required native title and cultural heritage agreements as…

  • Surat Basin Rail Alignment

    Surat Basin Rail Alignment

    ATEC’s 200km rail alignment linking the southern Surat with the Moura rail system commenced in 2009 with Spinifex negotiating…

  • Otway Gas Project

    Otway Gas Project

    The Otway gas project included the supply of gas from 70km offsore in the Otway Basin south of the…

  • Mortlake Power Plant

    Mortlake Power Plant

    Origin Energy’s Mortlake Power Plant provided gas – fired energy for the southern Australia gas networks. Spinifex was engaged…

  • Rolleston Coal Mine

    Rolleston Coal Mine

    The Rolleston Coal Mine Expansion project required the negotiation of two CHMPs with overlapping Aboriginal party interests.

  • Central Cape York Project

    Central Cape York Project

    Areva Resources applied for 64 tenements covering a significant portion of the Central Cape York area.

  • Galilee Coal Project

    Galilee Coal Project

    Spinifex was engaged to negotiate native title agreements for the grant of large mining leases as well as Aboriginal…