About Us

Why Spinifex?

Clients choose Spinifex for practical, responsive, timely and cost effective business outcomes.

Spinifex Pty Ltd is a 15 year old Queensland based land access consultancy group specialising in facilitating access to land (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) and negotiating approvals for major resource and infrastructure projects.

Spinifex is outcome orientated and provides land acquisition and land access solutions that aid project development, mining and/or exploration related sectors.

The company services coal, rail, oil & gas, base metal, quarrying, gold, aluminium, mineral sands, infrastructure and electricity generation clients in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.


About Spinifex infographic for land access and negotiating agreements

Our Culture

We reject the idea that work should be tiresome and unenjoyable, instead we believe that our work should be purposeful, enjoyable and create great value for our clients.

We strive to deliver value to our clients every time. In doing so we aim to not just be a service provider but also an agency that empowers our clients with information and content that allows them to exceed and address future issues in a more balanced and knowledgeable way.

We are cost and time conscious. No one likes to waste time or resources and we endeavour to provide the best and cost effective outcomes without compromising quality of outcome and long term relationships.

We support our families and we provide those who work with us the ability to design the life they want to live by living where its best for their families and working as much or as little as they like because our strong view is that it creates a healthier work place.


Spinifex has a strong sense of community. We seek to support or understand all key stakeholders in whatever practical way we can.  If possible we will source content, services or goods from local business, employers or providers.

Our staff is involved in not for profit pursuits, fundraising and providing our time to help those in need, especially the underprivileged and those with few resources.