Spinifex are trusted and experienced native title and cultural heritage practitioners delivering land access solutions


Spinifex Pty Ltd is a Queensland based land access consultancy group specialising in facilitating access to land (indigenous and non-indigenous) and negotiating approvals for major resource and infrastructure projects. Spinifex is outcome orientated and provides project development, mining and/or exploration related services.


Spinifex negotiates and facilitates Native Title agreements

Native Title

Spinifex negotiates native title style agreements and develops and prepares strategies for native title discussions.

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Spinifex negotiates Cultural Heritage agreements

Cultural Heritage

Spinifex negotiates, advises and manages cultural heritage agreements and act as proponent representatives.

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Spinifex works to address land access requirements

Land Access & Acquisition

Spinifex has a long history of supporting industry’s land and land access requirements.

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Spinifex provides experienced in-the-field support

Field Support

Spinifex has a very experienced team of professionals providing field support.

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Spinifex provides professional in-house and contract staff

Professional Placement

Spinifex provides professional in-house and contract staff to work with project teams.

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Spinifex offers a range of other services

Other Services

Spinifex offers a variety of other services to compliment our core business offering.

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